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Innovate the Future Program

HerStart’s Innovate the Future program propels sustainable economic development, entrepreneurship and social impact for women and their communities in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda.

Our goal is bold: Support 10,000 young women to become social entrepreneurs.

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Social Entrepreneurs

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Canadian Fellows

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Catalyst Fund

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Advancing gender equality and social impact through entrepreneurship

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Driven by the power of global partners and passionate Canadian fellowship volunteers, HerStart puts the power of knowledge sharing into action to build a more equitable and sustainable future that works for everyone by ...

  • Training and funding women social entrepreneurs.
  • Connecting entrepreneurs with skilled Canadian volunteers.
  • Building global partner organizational capacity.
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Program elements that empower women

Training and funding women social entrepreneurs

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Youth in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda that participate in HerStart’s social entrepreneurship training are eligible for seed funding and business mentorship through the HerStart Catalyst Fund. The Fund helps kickstart businesses as they scale up and boosts their ability to drive a more equal, climate-resilient and inclusive economy.

100% of contributions go towards accelerating youth-led social enterprises.

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Connecting entrepreneurs with skilled Canadian volunteers

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We invite experienced Canadians to put their skills into practice to create a more sustainable and equitable economy through HerStart’s international fellowships. Fellows take part in volunteer abroad placements where they connect with inspiring young people and global partners to build knowledge in many areas including gender equality, climate action, business development and more.

We’re looking for Canadians just like you...

Building global partner organizational capacity

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YCI collaborates with leading global organizations championing gender equality in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda to leverage their diverse expertise and foster collective learning.

Together, we co-implement dynamic social entrepreneurship programs, developing ecosystems and resource networks to support young women beyond the HerStart program and create lasting community impact.

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Our Partners

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Global collaborators

HerStart Innovate the Future program partners are champions for young women and social innovation in their countries. Through joint implementation, these collaborators enhance their gender transformative and environmentally sustainable programming.

Bolgatanga Technical University (BTU)
Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports Zanzibar
Practical Permaculture Institute
Barefoot College
The Innovation Village

Delivery and design partners

YCI partners with some of the world’s leaders in social enterprise training, monitoring and evaluation, climate action, and tech innovation to support the design and execution of HerStart’s Innovate the Future program and incubation resources.

Youth Climate Lab

Funding Partners

YCI’s HerStart Innovate the Future and International Fellowship programs are funded through the Government of Canada’s Volunteer Cooperation Program, providing skilled Canadians opportunities to volunteer abroad with global partners and advance Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy.

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