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Invest in HerStart

Investing in gender equality is the best choice you can make for our future. HerStart makes it easy to support the next wave of women-led social enterprises.

Why contribute to HerStart?

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If you advocate for gender equality, climate action, social entrepreneurship, and the power of women-led businesses, HerStart is a unique way to put your money into action for good. Over the next 7 years, HerStart will support young women to become social entrepreneurs, and you can be part of this remarkable story.

100% of your investment goes to the young women entrepreneurs.

The HerStart Catalyst Fund is a springboard for young social entrepreneurs in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda who participate in HerStart programs. The Fund's goal is simple: make women-led ventures resilient and sustainable by providing critical seed funding and ongoing mentorship that can help them thrive.

Together, we're shaping a social entrepreneurship ecosystem that drives a more equal, climate-resilient and inclusive economy.

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Two Ways to Invest

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Support women globally and make your individual investment today.

Use the power of your network to amplify your impact. We’ll show you how.