HerStart E-Fellowships align with your skills and interests and allow you to expand your knowledge in new and dynamic ways.

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As a HerStart E‑Fellow you'll:

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Experiences built for a better future

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A HerStart Fellowship is a specialized experience for Canadians built around your diverse skills, knowledge and passions.

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Contribute to the success of the new HerStart Innovate the Future program by flexing your organization, facilitation and creativity skills to support program development.

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Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL)

Join the team and apply your data collection, analysis and reporting skills to the critical topics of women’s empowerment, climate action and social entrepreneurship.

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Gender Equality

Join the team to support identifying gendered barriers, designing gender-responsive solutions and amplifying women’s strengths in each context.

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Climate Action

Join the team to support raising awareness of environmental issues, designing climate-responsive solutions and building a network of green businesses.


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You have questions, we have answers. We’re here to help you figure out if a HerStart E-Fellowship is right for you.

YCI also offers international fellowships in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda.


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Meet some HerStart Fellows leading change around the world

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"The HerStart program allowed me to feel empowered while I was working to support the empowerment of other women. The program provided me the tools and opportunities to learn about many topics such as climate action, green entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and gender equality while giving me the space to create innovative products and solutions which would enhance the lives of women and their communities. I would recommend being involved with the HerStart program to build upon your personal and professional development while achieving a sense of fulfillment through giving back. This program also does a wonderful job in demonstrating Canada’s leadership and commitment towards international development."

— Ramsha Ahmed, Program and Training Fellow, Cohort 1

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"This fellowship experience has been amazing! I joined the HerStart project during a time when I was still figuring out what my next step was for me and this experience turned out to be exactly what I needed. Over my four months I got to meet and work with some incredible people from Canada, Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania; I enhanced and developed new skills that I will take with me throughout my career and I got to contribute to a program that aligns with my values. What more could I ask for!"

— Sarah Naylor, Program and Training Fellow, Cohort 1

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"As a HerStart Fellow I had the opportunity to work with an incredible international team of program designers, social entrepreneurship experts, in-country partners and other volunteer fellows from across Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and Canada. I learned from experts, honed new skills, and deepened my understanding of social and green entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, inclusive growth and design thinking. Through conversations with women entrepreneurs, our fellowship research sought to listen and share the voices, experiences and journeys of women entrepreneurs, and harness the power of their stories in a tangible, impactful and meaningful way. I feel proud knowing that our research will inform HerStart program design and will ultimately help to support 10,000 young women to become social entrepreneurs and make an impact in their communities."

— Shanna Sunley, Research & Insights Fellow, Cohort 1

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"The HerStart fellowship was a really important experience for me. Not only did it give me an opportunity to be part of something in a time where we are so disconnected and opportunities are sparse (cue pandemic), it also allowed me to grow and understand myself in unexpected ways. Looking back, it’s remarkable to see what can be accomplished in 4 months, and I am really proud of what my team and I have done. This role allowed me to virtually travel into a completely new context and speak with incredible individuals in Ghana to learn about their realities within the realm of women’s social entrepreneurship through a human-centred lens. Additionally, acquiring the skills to work remotely, across cultures and time zones has been a standout piece, and I’m eager to be able to put it to use in one way or another in the future!"

— Katarina Alurovic, Research and Insights Fellow, Cohort 2

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"My time in the HerStart Fellowship has been nothing but positive and beneficial for my own professional development and personal growth. The YCI team is highly passionate about supporting young people to find their passion in the fields of social impact and development work, and I felt that throughout the entire fellowship. This opportunity also exposed me to a network of other organizations and development practitioners who I had the chance to learn from and gain experience with in various capacities. This was certainly an important step in my own career and I will be drawing on my experience in the fellowship in future opportunities."

— Joseph Flores, Climate Action Fellow, Cohort 2

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An orange illustration of a woman
An orange illustration of a woman
An orange illustration of a woman
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